OCCI/CDMI R2AD Client Demo Access Page


June 2013: R2AD Presented Actionable Cloud Standards at Cloud Expo 2013 Boot Camp and showed a short demo of the Android client. Here's a video of the client...We'll work to make it better as part of Cloud Interoperability Week this year:

Cloud West 2011 Presentation - PDF and here's a great one page OCCI overview. Note, an updated presention is being worked on for Cluod West 2013 (June 2013).

Learn about the 2013 Cloud PlugfesetSNIA-sponsored plug-fest events in July and September!!
The event in September is a highlight of Cloud Interoperabilty Week, Please join in with developing and creating cloud standards work together. We are updating our Android client code, ensuring that it can communicate via OCCI to CompatibleOne.

Read up and participate:

OCCI Core, Infrastructure, and HTTP Specifications

Have an Android? Then stay tuned as we are working on new Android Client!

Mockups Available (Now with Android Cloud Client!)

Run the older (July 2011) JavaFX Client: Run a recent version of the client as a Java Web-Start application

Click here for the older 2.6 JavaFX Version
Click here for the older 2.5 JavaFX Version
Click here for older 2.0 JavaFX Version
Note: Android version is not yet released - implementing CDMI and current OCCI spec.

Source Code...

R2AD is releasing the source code for the JavaFX OCCI/CDMI demonstration client under the BSD license.
Please visit the R2AD cloud client website for more information. Source for the community edition is now on github.